Supporting Your Business

Tabreed is a wholesaler of district cooling services. This means that we work only with organizations and businesses – both private and government entities – to provide them with district cooling services for their various projects. Some of the projects that we provide district cooling for include the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Ferrari World,Dubai Metro, Etihad Towers, World Trade Center Abu Dhabi, HQ, Marina Mall and UAE University, as well as a number of other hotels, hospitals and residential and commercial towers.

We can support your organization by:

  • End to end savings: our district cooling services enable your organization to achieve a number of key savings such as reduced costs (both in terms of energy consumption required to cool your project as well as lower capital investments and maintenance costs). Click here for an overview of the benefits of district cooling.
  • Design, build and operate district cooling plants on behalf of your organization
  • Connect clients into existing district cooling plants owned and operated by Tabreed
  • Provide financing support for the construction of new district cooling plants
  • Convert your existing buildings and infrastructure projects from traditional air conditioning systems into district cooling, thus enabling you to achieve a number of key energy, economic and environmental benefits
  • Provide Operations & Maintenance support to new and existing plants owned by your organization
  • Cooperate with institutions on R&D initiatives to develop cooling and building technology that minimizes electricity and water consumption and lifecycle costs of cooling systems